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Soylent Green: The First Eco Disaster Film (2022)

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Alternative title "Soylent Green & Red alert: When Reality Catches Up with Fiction"

A sci-fi horror story, set in New York in 2022 when about 20 million citizens, half of New York's population, are out of work. Voluntary death is encouraged by government clinics and people live on a green food called Soylent. An America plunged into a permanent heat wave, where nature has disappeared. Mostly homeless, its inhabitants are fed only by strange plankton-based biscuits distributed by a sprawling company. In 1973, Richard Fleischer's Soylent Green, starring Charlton Heston, was the first science-fiction film to evoke a climatic and environmental catastrophe for which man is solely responsible. A true ecological plea, the film also marked the beginnings of environmental awareness on the big screen and was followed by many emulators in Hollywood. But what lessons have been learned over the past fifty years?

Soylent Green, directed by Richard Fleischer, is a monument of social science fiction. Released in 1973, it is the first science-fiction film that doesn't evoke an exogenous threat (such as a Martian attack, a nuclear war...), but a climate and environmental disaster for which man alone is responsible. Soylent Green marks the very beginning of the awareness of the ecological emergency which, fifty years later, is only just beginning to take hold in people's minds.

2022, the coincidence year when reality catches up with fiction. Soylent Green is the 1st sci-fi movie about a New York dystopia that disturbingly mirrors our daily life. This documentary tells the story of the making of this iconic film, setting it in its historical and political context, while exploring its many troubling contemporary resonances. For in many respects, Richard Fleischer had hit the nail on the head: climate change, global overpopulation, water scarcity, raw material price drift, food crises...

A few months ago, an article published by the leading magazine Bioscience raised a red flag. Signed by 15,000 international scientists, the text states that the earth's ecosystem is so degraded that "the very fabric of human life is now being challenged".

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