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Gareth Icke Tonight e08 (2023.05.11) Are We Making Ourselves Extinct?

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Gareth speaks to former Pzizer executive turned whistleblower Karen Kingston about the sinister nature of the Covid vaccine and the use of mRNA technology.

Filmmaker Charlotte Fantelli is on the line to discuss gender reassignment surgery, as clinics in the US are treating children as young as 2…

Karen Holyoak sits down with Gareth to discuss the connections between Florence Nightingale and the coronation of Jimmy Saville’s friend last weekend. Plus we hear from Alice the Journalist and Gareth takes a look at some of your comments from last week’s episode.
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I might be wrong, but isn't Covid mostly over now? And also, last time we counted, aren't there like 8 billion people on the planet as of right now? Just curious. I think Icke's might sometimes sensationalise, generally for better ratings and publicity. But I might be wrong about that...