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Methylene blue

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Methylene blue

been talking with my freind Sarah who is a geneticist and has also done a PHD in nutritional stuff( can't remember the precise name of the PHD she did)
over the last couple of years she has guided me onto vitamin C, D3, K2 mk7,magnesium,zinc citrate, b1, an anti-oxident formula N-acetyl Cysteine.
Lately she has suggested methylene blue(C16H18ClN3S). it started off life as a blue dye then it was discovered it had medical uses such as treating malaria, anti fungal,. anti bacterial yadda yadda.
She managed to source pharmaceutical grade stuff and is waiting delivery.
There seems to be a bit of debate about the best method to ingest it. Either in a capsule or in water.
in water 1 gram per 500 mil and 1-10ml per day. 1ml for a regular daily dose.
or 0.01 of the powder/granules in a capsule.(jewellers scales a must!)
it boosts mitochondrial respiration by donating an electron to the transport chain. it can also recieve and electron too.
anyone got any experience with it???
the thing about ingesting the liquid is it might die my mouth blue! lol Sarah mentioned that she plans to make the 500ml with distilled water then portion out 1ml per day and then put that in turn into a larger glass of water which she reckons will avoid blue tongue etc.
my reasons for wanting to try is post viral fatigue and other things it may well help to boost.

tried it.

Didn't notice much.

I'm currently taking 600mg B1 and 200mg B2 daily, when I'm done with that I might try Methylene Blue again.

er, yeah, just get the dosage right. The blue tongue passed quickly.

Post viral fatigue, you might try:
B1 and B2 as above
Cistanche - cactus!
oxygen machine

All the cool kids have it these days.

ok so....

started yesterday about 4pm. went for a piss at around 11pm and fell aboput laughing as my piss is tinged blue!
This is normal of course and i am on about 0.01 gms a day. farting about putting it into capsules is an utter pain in the anus so just lob the 0.01 into 500ml of water and drink it. it doesn't stain the tongue done like that and doesn't taste of anything that i can tell.
it's a bit soon to notice any effects i think but i am keeping an eye out.
apparently at higher doses you can turn the whites of your eyes blue! not for me though.
one thing i WILL rtecommend is that you use gloves to pic the bottle up and take out your measure. If you don't you'll stain your skin. it WILL wash ofgf with soap so no worries.
will update this thread regulasrly with any observations.

I also just registered with a new Cannabis medicine clinic, The Jorja Emerson clinic. compared to Sapphire they are fucking brilliant. Sapphire have doctors and nurses who are clearly working a "side gig" and know absolutely fuck all about cannabis based medicines. I asked the pain specialist at Sapphire if the THC
20mg/ml was decaboxilated. he didn't know what decarboxylation fucking was for fuck sake. that is a simple fucking question. Hew then asked why i asked him and i told him that it directly affects potency and efficacy and then i asked about edibles and he claimed that it's less effective as less is asorbed. what he failed to mention is that in edibles the amount that does get absorbed plus the THC-A is metabolised into THC and thus more potency and the effect lasts longer but quite a bit. he seemed to dismiss this altogether.
When talking to the guy from Jorja emerson... very much on the ball, knowledgable, good people skills, and was genuinely unimpressed when he asked why i wanted to change to his clinic. They also have their own pharmacy too which saves on bullshit with sapphire where the doc sees you, he the prescribes, sends it to the pharmacy and the wanksticks they used could take up to 2 weeks to to arrive. i have been guaranteed my prescribed items will be with me 3 working days from the time it's prescribed and paid for.
It's still a private trial as far as medicinal cannabis goes. a lot of general practitioners(family doctors0 are very reluctant to get involved, never mind prescribe it.
luckily my GP is looking into opening his practise formedical cannabis patients so is keen to talk with me about it and get an insight.
Hopefully though when the trial is over they will have made decisions on what will be available on the NHS. It would eb free in Scotland but in England they pay a "per item" fee of £9.65 per item. an item is an amouhjt of a single prescried item whether it's 10, 20,50,100 pills. Each medicine no matter the amount is a single item for that purpose.
A LOT cheaper and better than black market mostly as long as you steer clear of shite pharmacies who store badly or growers poorly preparing and packaging leading to mouldy flower.
But we shall see.... I'd rather kill the pain with weed than any fucking opiates and the CBD oils are the absolute mutts nuts for CPTSD and slows down mind rush within 5-6 minutes.
will keep updated as i said.


if it's turning your piss blue I'd wonder if you were taking too much?

zoopenhoff wrote:
zoopenhoff wrote:

if it's turning your piss blue I'd wonder if you were taking too much?

nope! not at all. 0.01 of a gram is way under the 0.5mg per kg. I am masses under that by a lot.
it's not uncommon and apaprently when used as a placebo the doctors say something about it's working if you pee blue "if you pee blue it's working for you" and has been used as a halloween prank by the royal society of chemistry

the new clinic

The jorja emerson clinic is pretty fucking good. they actually listen. have brilliant staff and unlike Sapphire clinic, don't come off like a bunch of medics looking for easy money on a side gig.
I am VERY VERY impressed with them, their saff, their ethos. it's a very refreshing place to be a patient. getting treatmenc for chronic pain and CPTSD.
My prescription arrived today and the two varieties of flwoer are pretty good abd the 50mg/ml CBD oil is brilliant. you can feel the mind rush calm after 5 minutes.
The doctor there was interested in the methylene blue and my using it. He talked of the benefits and possibilities of it, what to be cautious about and asked me to kepe him informed on it. pretty cool really.
compared to the other clincis this place is brilliant from the call handlers to the medical staff and the "patient advocates" . all very good, patient oriented and that's due to the fact the owners are parents of a child with severe epilepsy and were staunch medical cannabis advocates and campaigners. So they get it and have recruited a team to match their views,ideals and philosophy.
fuck me this soudns like a sales pitch ROFL.. it most ertainly is not , it's just such a revelation to find a clinic like this that isn't a unch of side gig cunts!

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