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An End to the Upside Down Reset (2023)

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Whether you realize it or not, a vision for society—called the “Great Reset”—was formally unveiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2020, several months after COVID-19 emerged. The WEF is one of the most influential bodies in the world and has ties to the highest levels of global governments and industries. In fact, its Great Reset has implications for our collective future in terms of culture, politics, economics, the environment, technology, and metaphysics. So if you don’t think this subject affects you and your family—think again.

In Mark Gober’s An End to the Upside Down Reset, he deconstructs the Great Reset’s stated vision. He demonstrates that while the proposed societal changes might sound compassionate, in practice they could be harmful. Moreover, the Great Reset largely aligns with a leftist worldview that dominates modern education and media—and it becomes even more entrenched because of unconscious psychological biases. Breaking through the fog of this programming allows one to see that the Great Reset risks bringing about a dystopia. This book enables listeners to view ongoing trends with a fresh set of eyes. And it’s an essential exercise: our ability to discern where the Great Reset is taking us could determine our civilization’s future.