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Transgender Collection 3 [HQ]

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I spent another two weeks compiling another 48 1/2 hours of Transgender documentaries.

Part of the reason for this is that I was rescuing old torrents, which took a while to download.

I also explored a couple of rabbitholes such as Alfred Kinsey and John Money, two of the sketchy doctors behind much of transgender philosophy. Folders exist for each and if you have suggestions for others who need investigating let me know.

Collection 3 includes all the coverage I could find of Chris/Kristin Beck, a Navy SEAL whose transition was covered by CNN a decade ago. Now he has de-transitioned, they don't want to know, so we can hear about that from FOX.

I am now trying to archive all of "I Am Jazz", since Jazz will inevitably de-transition and might well be scrubbed from the internets. If you have access to private TV trackers please get in touch.

Again we have two editions:
Transgender Collection 3 [LQ] - everything less than 1GB/hour AND 720p x265 encodes of [HQ]
Transgender Collection 3 [HQ] - everything more than 1GB/hour or 1080p x265

Do share your thoughts. What I thought was really interesting was that language, ideas, and claims that I thought were new in the last few years show up as far back as the 1980s.

Use this link to search for all the Transgender Collections on Concen
Bear in mind I switched up the organisation from Collections 1 & 2 to 3,4 & 5.
If you want all the docs in best quality, get 1 + 2 HQ + BOTH HQ+LQ for 3,4,5.
If you want the smallest filesize, get 1 + 2 720p/x265 + ONLY LQ for 3,4,5.