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Req: POWER downloading

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Req: POWER downloading

Ok I've gotten pretty good at this between youtube-dl yt-dlp and my other tools I've been able to get ALMOST everything.

I'm stuck on one. its a WIX site. Videos are behind an authenticated page.

ALL videos play through the same Javascript player, on the same page.

Videos appear as meaningless BLOBs which are consumed by the Javascript (note this is a HTML video tag but the forum is stripping it because it's a HTML tag so I replaced angle brackets with square:

[video preload="none" src="blob:"][/video]

Searching the Network tab of the browser's dev tools, there is NO .m3u8 video like one would expect from a HLS video. Only a bunch of Javascript that references .m3u8 e.g.:

getChannelVideoPlayUrls(e, t)
return r.__awaiter(this, void 0, void 0, (function* () {
return {
"hls.m3u8": (yield this.client.request(i.GET_CHANNEL_VIDEO_PLAY_URLS_QUERY, {
videoId: e,
channelId: t

and other similar nonsense...

Best I've got is screen grab the fucker.

Anyone want to school me otherwise?


Try Firefox with "The Stream Detector" plugin.

It will snag the m3u8 even if it's calculated by javascript, and give you a yt-dlp command line.

If that doesn't work, check the Network tab for video files. You'll probably see hundreds, of usually 10 secs each. Play the video all the way through, right-click one of the video files and "Save as HAR File Archive". There don't seem to be any tools for unpacking HAR files, but it's only JSON so you can write your own :)

Dope! Thanks man.

Dope! Thanks man.

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