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4chan Prediction from 2019

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4chan Prediction from 2019

This is nuts.
I'm assuming it's not a faked date somehow.

"9-10 million Americans will be killed during 2020 > 2021 in some kind of major event. Don't ask me how I know this."

"Do not accept any vaccines that will be released for a deadly virus in the winter of 2020."

"It will originate from a pharmaceutical company working with military op's in a west coast state. It will be accurately planted in major cities and It will cause flue like symptoms and may be deadly to elders and babies but the media will report it as deadly for everyone but It's a hoax, the vaccine will be the real killer packed with copious amounts of toxic metals."

"I do not know any details on the actual genetics of the virus sorry. But I know they have tested It multiple times already but in different "brand" names."

Impressive and I wonder what else is lurking out there.

All jabs are to be avoided at

All jabs are to be avoided at all costs. Needles are a representation of venomous snake teeth and deliver the same man made substance.

Someone in 4chan knew this hoax was coming and it is all tied to banking and entities that exist on earth centuries and millenniums ago.

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