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REQ: They Be Pirates, Matey! by Greywolf -

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REQ: They Be Pirates, Matey! by Greywolf -

"This is an expose and comparison of America in 1776 and America in 2020"
They Be Pirates!! Matey!
". . . In this writing we will cut to the chase and bypass the Subterfuge and expose who the real Hidden Domestic Enemy of America is and how they have seized ultimate control, not only over the United States of America but the World as well."

The purpose of this writing, is to circumvent all of the suppositions, innuendos, false information, misinformation, misdirection, the flat out lies from the controlled mainstream media, engaged in the social engineering of America and the World into a slave society, controlled by unelected Corporate Bankers and unelected, for profit Multi-National Corporations, Media Corporations, National & International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), Law Firm Corporations posing as Government agencies, Government Service Provider Corporations, bureaucrats that run them and unelected, appointed “Judges” operating Slave Courts over the Slaves, the People at Large.

As stated on the Cover page of "American Admiralty its Jurisdiction and Practice" (See Exhibit "2", App. Pg. 2 & 3, "The worst Civil Code would be one which should be intended for all nations indiscriminately. The worst Maritime Code, one which should be directed by the special interest and particular influence of the custom of only one people."

What if that "special interest and particular influence" was not "the custom of only one people", what if it was the custom of only one "Corporation or Union".

This book will explain, by whom and how the above statement was accomplished and perpetrated on the American people, both "the worst Civil Code" and "the worst Maritime Code", directed by and under the influence of the custom of only one group of people." Those Civil and Maritime Codes were foisted upon the people without knowledge or consent!