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"Route 91" documentary on Vegas concert shooting

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"Route 91" documentary on Vegas concert shooting

This is a really good documentary on the inconsistencies in the official story and contradictory evidence regarding the Las Vegas shooting.

"Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up" by Mindy Robinson

Inexplicably it's still on YouTube after nearly a year. I've saved it. Perhaps you could do the same.

It's very well put together - of the level of quality you expect from Corbett Report, Truthstream, JanaESP etc.

I also found this by the legendary roflcopter2110:
I might work my way through it.

Can anyone recommend worthwhile documentaries that add to Route 91?

Out of all of these alleged

Out of all of these alleged false flag mass shootings in America, there has been no round-up and confiscation of citizens' guns or gun control legislation. I am not sure I believe in that particular conspiracy theory. And look what it did for poor Alex Jones!!!

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