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13 Rules: To Not Be A F**king Cuck (2020) (Audiobook)

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T F Monkey - 13 Rules: To Not Be A F**king Cuck (2020) (Audiobook)

"Show me what you value more than your freedom and I'll show you the tool of your enslavement"13 Rules provides readers with an inventory of philosophical insights and principles in order to live a free and meaningful life. The 13 Rules 1.Find the Meaning of Your Life 2.Save Yourself 3.Say Yes to Life 4.Cultivate Internal Validation 5.Stop Giving a Shit 6.Amor Fati 7.Let Go of What You Fear to Lose 8.Have a Plan and a Backup Plan 9.Overcome Yourself 10.Think with your Big Head 11.Understand Love and Sex 12.Go Your Own Way 13.Live a Meaningful Life