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JP Sears - Please Censor This! Standup Special

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JP Sears - Please Censor This! Standup Special

Freedom Fighter JP Sears has released a standup special that is censored on big tech.

Should be a great laugh and also cover some important topics relevant to the freedom movement

Please Censor This!
You’ve never seen JP Sears fully uncensored before, but now you get to! JP’s stand-up special comedically skewers politics, mandates, conspiracy theories, and highlight s the absurdities of being a new father. Your favorite freedom loving comedian shares hilarious stories from the time he met Trump, trying to implement identity politics in real life, to watching his son be born, and lots more. For the first time being uncensored on video, JP holds nothing back while bringing the laughs! If you love freedom, you’ll love Please Censor This! If you love communism, then you’ll wish it was censored.


I noticed this is requested on a private site as well, I will keep my eye out for it...


Has anyone found a copy of this yet?

Nothing yet from where I am

Nothing yet from where I am looking...

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