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Fauci Movie - controlled opposition?

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Fauci Movie - controlled opposition?

The timer is stuck at 33 seconds left...


Free registration

When you sign up with a name and email it unlocks the video and gives you a stream of a 2 hour documentary, with a 30 second introduction by the director asking people to share the link to the film. I guess if you register and have special download programs, you can get this one - I wasn't able to do it though...

I am watching it now, it seems legit to me. It is all based off Robert Kennedy Jr., his research and book about Fauci etc.

33 means Illuminati.

I watched it.

Is the timer on the trailer page stuck at 33 for you?


When the page first loads, it is stuck on 33 seconds, yes. But now that I have registered, it says 9 days, 15 hours, etc


I never used to believe in this stuff.

But the moment I saw that 33 I just got this feeling in the pit of my stomach.


Yeah, it is weird that it was either programmed that way or it is a glitch of some sort. But the documentary itself seems to lay it all out there without seeming like a conspiracy against the anti-vax movement or controlled opposition. I mean, Kennedy Jr. is a democrat, but I don't know if that means anything! lol Definitely weird though...

I think RFK is the real deal

I think RFK is the real deal and a freedom fighter. He basically destroys Fauci's character in this movie. doesn't feel like he held back at all. I don't think controlled opposition would be allowed to go this deep.

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