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Mountains of Evidence Project

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Mountains of Evidence Project

Hello everyone,

I have been visiting this site for some time and am wondering if any of you would be interested in contributing to this project I am working on.

I want to create a collection called "The Mountains of Evidence", and it is simply this - a list of the top conspiracies, and a list of the top documentaries or other resources to watch for each one.

So it would simply look like this:

1. JFK
- Oliver Stone's Through the Looking Glass
- History Channel's 11-part documentary
2. 9/11
- Loose Change
3. Federal Reserve
- The Money Masters

But I can't predict the exact list - because an algorithm would be used, perhaps the top conspiracy would be the one with the most minutes of documentary footage, etc. Or perhaps just put it to a vote. Certainly the best documentary for each conspiracy would be put to a vote.

So I'm here to ask if anyone can suggest a suitable platform for doing this, especially since I want it to be anonymous - mostly as an exercise in computer security. I could write a php script, or perhaps just use online polling for example on Reddit.

Does anyone know how to build anonymous websites on IPFS? Maybe that is the best way.

Let me know your thoughts!


It's a great idea and I'd like to see it done, but unfortunately I am not very good at computer techie stuff, aside from being able to make and upload torrents etc, so I don't have any suggestions on how to make the code and algorithms, but perhaps somebody else here does!


I would have known how to do it fifteen years ago... things have moved on a lot.

It's a worthwhile project I would have to study hard to do it.

Google Trends will solve your

Google Trends will solve your problem


What if we rank those little secrets by the effect their disclosure would have on the world at large? then, in one particular area or field?
It's pretty clear to me how I see conspiracy theories, censorship, etc.. We live in a world of mafia-like entities, fighting to sustain their monopolies. Monopoly means dependence which means money & power. However, these monopolies are artificial, and that's the secret. No monopoly can last for ever. The ones that remain are protected by layers of symbols that have a meaning for the naive public, and a meaning for the benefiting mafia. The monopoly can be sustained for as long as the symbols are not deciphered -- and utterly destroyed. And because symbolizing is real work effecting the real world, those monopolies will seek the backing of the state (a bigger mafia) to sustain themselves.


If you like mountains of conspiracy theories, the go-to ski resort would be John Scudamore's website ( ) which was just over 8GB ten years ago.

good share!!

good share!!

You have to take docs as

You have to take docs as definitive proof, which they rarely are, for this to amount to anything for anyone.

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