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Everyone should keep Chlorine Dioxide at home.

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Everyone should keep Chlorine Dioxide at home.

Just a quick note since I was reminded about "Miracle Mineral Solution" (Chlorine Dioxide) watching Shadowlands, which features a distributor being harassed by nutjobs.

Everyone should have this at home in case of Covid or other illness. It's also beneficial to boost your health by taking a small amount daily for a while. I've done both, it worked really well on covid symptoms.

It goes without saying, there is a huge hate campaign against it - because it threatens pharma profits. Not much of what they say about it is true, don't be deceived.

* Watch Chlorine Dioxide (Miracle Mineral Solution) expert Andreas Kalcker explain how doctors in Bolivia are treating Covid with MMS.

* Then watch the “Genesis Church” Quantum leap documentary on MMS.

* Covid Testimonials (with some random posts from nutters)

It's reasonably easy to get but you ideally want to find a recommendation of a source from a group. I can recommend a German source which posts within Europe if you want to PM me.