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Changing of the Gods - Episode 1

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Hey folks, who is into Astrology?

I will capture the rest of this if enough people comment to say they are interested.

Personally I was kind of disappointed it didn't explain covid and what's going to happen, maybe that comes in later episodes. I don't need a basic primer on astrology but maybe you are looking for one.

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Welcome and thank you!

I can’t congratulate you enough on making the smart decision of registering for the up and coming documentary:

Changing Of The Gods

Finally, the life-changing information presented here gives us an understanding of the chaos we’ve been experiencing…

These are truly uncharted times.

Look around you…

After the past 2 years, throughout the world, catastrophes and problems have only multiplied in number…

… And with each issue they’ve only gotten worse in severity and impact.

How does someone make sense of all of this?

Are these events random?...

Or is there a correlation between our physical world and the stars with each happening?

Let me explain…

Have you ever looked up your birth chart or horoscope report and thought…

“This is oddly and wildly accurate”?

Then you understand exactly where this information is coming from.

It’s fascinating to see how these same metrics have made it possible in making sense of historical events.

But the big question is, what do these patterns and positions tell us about our future?

We have the answers for you…

… And we’ll be right with you every step of the way as we make sense of the universe around us.

THANK YOU for joining us in this groundbreaking series!


I never took it seriously until I noticed Richard Tarnas and his magnum opus "Cosmos and Psyche": , which talks about cosmic cycles and archetypal patterns in human history.

I guess there must be something to it, so I am interested in the series you are sharing here - thanks!


Looks good! Keep this coming please! Nice piece of the cosmic puzzle! Thank you!

Many thanks for taking the time

Dr Paul LaViolette's theory quite compelling with his "Earth Under Fire"
Luv this stuff, YES please

Past Foretelling Video Clips, The Leo King's Astrology Predictions for 2020 What's Next in 2020?
Not only that, but accurately called out 2021 back in 2020... also 2022 in dec 2021.
David is quite rare out of 99% of all other astrologers, accuracy aside. Few astrologers bother as students of history, which sets apart one from most when one looks up past cycles when certain major astrological events happened before. His collection of original, 1st editions of John Dee on down from infamous to the merely well known astrologers is also impressive. Its interesting how he ties in the Tarot, as well as calling out the "fake ass spirituality" and "new age bullsh*t" in true Passio style.
His success is obvious, by looking at his business model, checking out the app, and learning his story as well as reviewing his school:
His youtube teases are rather "light", to get people to join but his extended lectures are quiet impressive.
Learned more about "real astrology" compared to the so-called "big names" who are so spiritually blind and morally bankrupt to have bought into the fear, the phony pandemic, and the crazy "war against humanity" trying to get people to self-terminate.

Missed #4, if you have it please share.

The others haven't made it here yet either, so maybe the uploader decided not to up the series after all...

Another volunteered. With these summits it's much less effort to wait until all the episodes are out before torrenting it.

Yes, that's true. Single episodes sort of get lost in the 0s and 1s. Collections are much better in the long run.


Great episode, many thanks for sharing.