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The Vow: A NXIVM Story (2020)

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A look at the experiences of the members of the NXIVM, an organization and sex cult who made headlines for being charged with sex trafficking and racketeering conspiracy.



very interesting to see.

yes, thanks for sharing.
replace "sex cult" with "vaccine cult" (or here it is "anti-vaccine cult") it pretty much summarizes where we are

are you getting it?

Hello maestro Zoop! By the way, what does your nickname mean? It is very interesting...

About the vaccine, holy crap this site is full of members fully enmeshed in a conflict-laden millennialist standoff. I refuse to get roped into the discussion is just Waco vs Law Enforcement all over again and I ain't lookin' to convert others to my side of the world BUT there ain't no argument like a PERSECUTED argument, so: long live the silence! and I weep with joy at the rising of the sun this morning. Or is it the moon? I now no longer recall. If you stand in place long enough, won't the the needle just sort of arrive under your skin? What was that Neil Young song again? The noodle and the dementia done?

No I’m just surprised there are people in this scene who trust vaccines.

It's funny that out of everything I wrote, that's the only message you heard, and now have conveniently re-packaged for others in neat and memorable terms. Thanks for the whitewash, bro. But I never actually said that or implied it, did I?

Tis difficult indeed to have conversations with folks whose minds are already made up. Like I say, there is a cult on one side and there's a cult on the other. And you know what? Most people don't want to communicate. They just want to convince.

I wanted clarification.

The vaccine cult I see is the one on the news and in government, pretending vitamins and effective treatments aren’t a way out of this.

It felt more like you were trying to trap me and you want me to be in one box or the other, in one camp or the other.
I am in neither, if you must know. For the reason I already explained.
The cult is on both sides of the argument. It is here all over these boards. And it is all over mainstream media.
It is easier to deal with stereotypes than real people.
I haven't gotten the vaccine. Nor am I pushing an agenda on this website but everyday I come here and someone is posting the next great hoax.
If anything, I am pushing the psychological agenda. We are reacting instinctively out of fear and not rationally.

What do you make of the fact that Israel will likely be first to have almost complete inoculation? Are they all gonna be robots?

Israel have also started to mandate the use of vaccine passports, at the moment my understanding is Israelis can't access certain services without one (gyms, hotels and I think the other is restaurants). Maybe this is the reason people are getting the jab. Lots in the media about UK health passports too.

I think the vaccine is a means to an end, the end being the widespread adoption and mandatory use of vaccine passports AKA a digital ID, the single digital ID concept that the ID2020 Alliance has been pushing.

I know this idea is nothing new, many researchers have been covering and writing about it for years. But from what I am seeing, I think they are on to something.

Scare everyone into taking a vaccine and reward them with a vaccine passport so they can return to safe “new normal” society. The real objective is getting everyone vaccinated so they willingly sign-up for the ID. Slowly the vaccine passport ID becomes ever more encompassing and replaces all other forms of ID until you can’t function in society without it.

Then we will see the population control, literally.

One example, there will always be a new Covid variant to be afraid of, a mutation, a disease x, invisible enemy just around the corner. So, there will be new vaccines, boosters, etc and who knows what will be in them or how they could change us. Refuse the vaccine and your digital ID will no longer be accepted, locking you out of society.

I think one of the purposes of the QR scanning/contact tracing apps is to program people’s behaviour to get them “digital ID” ready. Where I am it’s working, I see people queuing up to scan the QR code like its second nature (they do remind me of robots!)

Thanks again, sonofsonny, for your patience and intelligent explanation here and in the other discussion. It is really very helpful and I will think on all you have said