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Tracker? What tracker? What are you, a leotard?

Looking for torrents?

Look no more... they're back. Except they're not. You can make them, upload and ogle them, but you still can't find anything!

No worries I'm on it.


Just kidding...

Looking forward to your return :)

Nice to have you back online...:)

Not sure what is going on here and how to use this site. Dont see any torrents even right now. But I hope you guys make it usable soon. Thanks.

George Stefas.

Glad to meet you again!

Nuff respect

Thankfully concen has returned. you have been missed

made it---keep on keepin' on

Good to see Concen back again

yes me too

I feel Blessed by the Universe that you folks are back!!

thankfully you guys are back,
there doesn't seem to be a torrent page yet, looking forward to a return

Gawd I've missed you!
This set up isn't so bad. If it can be made to be easier on the eyes for quick scanning, I don't mind the absence of the clickable icons for quick downloads from the main page. As long as the material is there, as long as it is less hackable; I guess that is what matters. Nice work ConCen Admin!

Conspiracy Central is back. Great effort. Thank you.

I hate to be the one to say it, it seems though you're not the same concen that you once were, there is something lacking, and I'm not just referring to the material available, but with also the overall feeling that underlined the concept of Conspiracy Central that it had before the make over. And I'm not referring to your need to forumise the torrents, either, I understand the logistical juggling needed there.

I hope the old Conspiracy Central character comes back, it was a wonderful and important resource to have on the internet. You accomplished something that I believed the world really needed in such a way that it brought it out to a greater audience. I hope for all, that concen can reignite that interesting and attractive conspiratorial, or more appropiately, controversial information and knowledge reservoir for people to access, so they could broaden and enlighten their minds.

I personally see the 'Con' in to stand for either and all of: Conspiracy, Controversial, Conceptual, Confidential, Conflagrant, Conjectural, Connivent, Construsive, Contemplative, Contradictorial, Contrarian, Contumelious and Convoluting.

I just hope the 'Con' doesn't become to mean now, Convential and Convivial (not conviviality in a politically correct way, that is too sallow, I believe some level of argumentation and some respectful divisiveness is a good thing! You never learn anything from agreeing, that is just indoctrination, only from disagreeing and argumentation do you learn!).


Glad too see you back..And don't forget to share William Cooper records please..

stay focused

Good lord guys where the heck are the files on the tracker?! This is no easy thing to get onto the actual listings.