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You're Fired!

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You're Fired!

The propaganda fake news show 60 Minutes actually put out some real news, highlighting corporate scum using H1-B visas to kill the middle class while saving a few dollars:

great timing

more corporate scum in action while raking in record profits of $1.4 billion:

'Very depressing': CIBC staff losing jobs to workers in India, expected to help with training
Up to 130 CIBC finance jobs will be lost due to outsourcing this year

And where is pansy girly-boy Justina in all this? Why carrying on the tradition of his old man of selling out the country while pocketing gajillions through his crony contacts. NAFTA was the first domino and there will be many more. I've been telling anyone that will listen, they are shutting down North America...and then they'll depopulate it, one way or another.

Totally disgusting fucking corporate & banking scum!!!

Nothing to see here move along.

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