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Yes, I am the new guy.

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Yes, I am the new guy.

Just found out about this place a few days ago from a friend that was here and for some unknown reason can not get the home page up and did not believe he did anything wrong to be blocked, but when I went to the URL it worked.

Anyway, I was previously on the Conspiracy Hub but since its administrator who was revising the site engine and got a bit lost, so it has had very little traffic for many months now, I was looking for another place like this where the same kind of sharing occurred. Still hoping that administrator will finally get his new site engine up and running, but until then it is nice to find this place.

Thank you all for this site, and hopefully after I get more familiar with this place, you may see me be more active after learning how things work here.

Good day to you all here.


I'm familiar with the conspiracy hub; it's a quirky site for sure.

Message me your friend's IP, and we'll see if it's a block on this side.

Thank you for your greeting.

Thank you for your greeting.

I sent my friend the notes from the home page just in case that was the issue, and not heard back from him yet. But if I hear back from him and he still can not get in after 24 hours, then I will get his IP and get back to you.


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