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Woops! Cyber attacks got too intense...

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Woops! Cyber attacks got too intense...

Looks like the usual corp of miscreants attacking ConCen ramped up their efforts today, succeeding in clogging up the server.

After a few new bandaids and stitches applied, the hamsters are back at it again, keeping ConCen running.


Smuggled photo of ConCen server interior

You've been bribing the security guards again! |HICCUP| |BURP|

So who is it?

Do you know what their motives are?

I don't think it's enemies of the site...

...and I don't have the time to bother finding out. The attacks are frequent and sustained, but also occur on my other servers, so I don't take it personally. They're bots, running around the internet, poking holes. The more services a server offers, the more attention it gets. Torrent trackers have always been a big magnet for fake and mangled requests. The web server is always being bombarded by script kiddies looking for exploits. The mail server is always under attack. It's endless, and the only thing anyone can do is keep plugging the holes and hoping for the best... and have backups to rebuild after the next inevitable disk corruption that renders the server unbootable.

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