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Woman Shot At Protest: Police Have Not Spoken To Her

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Woman Shot At Protest: Police Have Not Spoken To Her

Probably the police shot her and are covering it up. If this is the case, than we might have a case of nazi extreme racism to instill fear and chaos by the local police cowards. It does seem like the police is sending a loud and clear message to the community. "we will shoot you, murder your community, put fear into your community, and get away with it, the police".

I pledge alligence to the flag
and to the United States of Amerikkka
of which it stands
one nation
Under my God
for just-us
of divide and conquer
not being divisible
for ALL....


Woman Shot At Protest: Police Have Not Spoken To Her
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September 15th, 2014

FERGUSON, Mo. ( – A woman who was shot during the protests in Ferguson said police have still not contacted her.

Mya Aaten-White said she was walking down West Florissant August 12 when she was shot in the head. Aaten-White said she was walking back to her car when the shooting occurred.

Aaten-White said police have yet to speak to her about the incident. Her alma mater, Howard University, stepped in and appointed a lawyer, but the two were unable to schedule a meeting with police.

“I have a strong distrust from them and they have not done what were supposed to do in my case,” Aaten-White said.

News 4 attempted to contact Ferguson police, but the department directed News 4 to a PR firm, the Devin-James Group. News 4 eventually obtained a police report. Devin James said the investigation in ongoing.

See original story below:

FERGUSON, Mo. ( — A Ferguson woman who was shot in the head last Tuesday during early moments of a peaceful Michael Brown protest said she is still waiting for police to take action.

“No officer ever showed up to speak with me… neither from Ferguson police or St. Louis County,” Mya Aaten-White told News 4.
Last Tuesday evening Mya Aaten-White says she was walking down West Florissant to get back to her car. Before she made it to her car, violence erupted.
“I made it a block and a half then I heard gunshots, I put my hands to my head and realized I had been shot in the forehead,” she said.
After the area was safe, a neighbor rescued her.
“A young man came over to me, picked me up off the ground…they carried me to a neighbor’s house of a young man who had just moved into a new home with his fiancé and their children.”

Aaten-White says it took some persistence to get police to respond to her gunshot wound to the head.
“We had to call 911 three times before we got a response vehicle there,” she said. “When they arrived, officers came with guns drawn. They questioned the homeowners about how long they’ve lived in the house; if it was under their name, and asked me what happened. I said ‘I was shot,’ obviously.’”
Aaten-White graduated from Howard University in Washington D.C. When her alma mater found out police weren’t taking her case seriously, they hired a lawyer to step in.

Since then, Aaten-White said she has been trying to get an investigation going with police about who shot her. Her lawyer, hired by her alma mater, is shocked by the Ferguson Police Department’s response.
Police told News 4 they were not able to comment on the situation and requested we contact a firm representing them. Our calls have not been returned.