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White People (2015)

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MTV production on the concept of white privilege and how it effects white people and other cultures, hosted by a Hispanic illegal immigrant.


The description sums it up very nicely. Thank you!

Araka wrote:

The description sums it up very nicely. Thank you!

It Does indeed!

the more shit they bombared white people with the more are going to regain their mind from these fucken commie cunts


.. i have no idea what that means either......
Buck... care to make that sentence understandable?

@Fucken Scum tv
Uhhhh another incoherent fan of White hate?

I see a ton of folks have downloaded this, but have seen little commentary on the content. I'm curious if it's worth downloading and watching, and any commentary beyond what was available at the time of my posting would be great. Thanks

Edit: I mean does it say anything that like labor unions and AA, this concept may have once severed a point but is no longer of use?

They will always be important because without them (the uncorrupted ones) we'd be in an even worse slave wage spiral. Then there's the work place safety issues...

The slaves are rebelling, quick! close all the KFCs and stop giving out wellfare, they'll calm down and get back to picking cotton