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What are you most curious about right now?

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What are you most curious about right now?

Ask your questions, and others can post recommendations where you can get your questions answered.

Power, at the top.

I am most interested in the Bank of International Settlements, how things really work at the top.

Somewhere in between the mainstream view, which I believe is borderline naive, and the conspiratorial view, when lizards and secret societies get involved. I need proof of those, and I also think most of what really happens is in plain sight - just maybe not reported in the news.

Global economics have been...

...taken over by an underlying, corrupt economy that has a far larger impact on our daily lives than almost everyone ids aware. It's a big interest of mine too. The BIS is the part of the iceberg just above the surface, IMO.

I also have an interest in new technologies.

it's all under their control

Realising that things like depressions are orchestrated according to their agenda, is scary to me. It can't be allowed to continue.

As above so below

The principles are always the same. If you want to get insight how people in power behave, find one of them in your country and chat. Your experience of conversation depends on which class do you belong. And the dialog would be adjusted accordingly.

Has anyone found a method for

Has anyone found a method for remote viewing that actually worked for them personally? Lots of claims about it "out there" but I haven't found any good leads.

Major Ed Dames

The person I have heard about the most in terms of teaching Remote Viewing is Major Ed Dames. I am sure some of his DVD classes are up on ConCen. I have never tried it myself though. As opposed to seeing full visions in one's mind's eye, his classes show a lot of writing and doodling on paper, spontaneously, I guess from the subconscious...

Thanks! I've come across his

Thanks! I've come across his name before but it's not quite my style. On the other hand, I was reading Strieber last night and came across this disclosure of his about his experience with the Gurdjieff method:

Little did we know in the early days that we were not alone—that doing the exercise made me and Anne visible to very different eyes...

That admission is something that I also have first-hand experience with.


Yes, he does a lot of "sensing exercises" and meditations. He wakes up in the middle of the night to do them. He has shared a lot of guided meditations on his website, but I am not sure if they were for subscribers only.

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