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WeAreChange latest gear is a hoot!

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WeAreChange latest gear is a hoot!

I've always thought Luke was pretty lowbrow when confronting his subjects. He never seemed to really nail the fuckers. I have however admired his determination to get the footage. This vid shows his latest camera setup. 3 thumbs up!

ah but!

if he got one of these fitted to his cock... then he's even covered for strip searches! LOL

Maybe he's got a Colon Cam!

Seeing a rectal cavity search from the inside would make history!

Conducting interviews using a Colon Cam would be poetic. Not only would they be talking out their ass, they'd be talking into another!

We've all heard the expression "Talk to the hand". I think it's damn time these politicians get the respect they're due: "Talk to the ass!"

Maybe "Ass Cam" would be better from a marketing POV. Your thoughts?


on the Ass Cam.

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