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Waco Resurrection game

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Waco Resurrection game

Just curious, did anybody ever try their hand at "Waco Resurrection" and battle the forces of "evil"?

Waco Resurrection, in which the player uses incantations to control a battle between the Branch Davidian leader David Koresh and the American ATF, also introduces a song produced by Koresh as an eerie soundtrack to the game experience.

Revisiting the 1993 Waco, Texas episode, gamers enter the mind and form of a “resurrected” David Koresh through a specially designed voice activated, surround sound enabled, hard plastic 3D skin. In an attempt to defend the Branch Davidian compound against internal intrigue, skeptical civilians, rival theologians and the inexorable advance of government agents, each player on the network plays as a ”Koresh”. Ensnared in the custom “Koresh skin”, players are bombarded with sounds of government psy-ops, internal voices and the clamor of battle, and empowered to voice messianic texts from Koresh’s exegesis of the book of revelation, wield a variety of weapons from the Mount Carmel cache and influence the behavior of both followers and opponents by “radiating” charisma. Waco Resurrection draws on the rhetoric of conspiracy theory, cult activity and apocalypticism to investigate the Waco siege as a cultural milestone. It addresses the multi-layered dynamics of a 51-day media-event that served to mobilize the militia movement, radicalize Timothy McVeigh and cause a re-evaluation of the role of religion in society.

This raises an even more important question: as the games increase in their exacting replication of everyday-sober reality, would we then have games where we could go back and try to rescue Jesus? Or sneak in and take down Hitler? Or stop the Bin Laden cult of pilots? Would those "missions" give us meaning in our generally meaning-starved existences? Would programmers then be able to manipulate us by deciding what themes to develop and thereby indirectly guiding users to the desired emotional output?

What about games that incorporated sensory deprivation...could a helping hand then guide us to enlightenment itself? Or nirvana and the cessation of sensation itself?

What would it take to wake up from such simulations? Who would be your white rabbit? What would the universal safe-word become?

Games without frontiers? Wars without tears?