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Vitvan-- all works

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Vitvan-- all works

Vitvan was an American spiritual master, born in the 1880's, who early on tried to use General Semantics and 20th century physics as METAPHORS to MENTALLY understand altered higher spiritual states. Words alone won't achieve this, one must have a practice that strong enough to break through the rigidities of "default mode" normal waking consciousness.

I was webmaster and created Vitvan Archive after leaving Home Farm School of Natural Order, the degenerated remains of this great teachers works. Links are also to complete audio lectures which I transferred from mylar tape to mp3.

Israel Regardie had this to say in his forward to the biography:

"Many years ago I used the phrase, "the days of the giants are over." Indeed they are. Vitvan was one of those remarkable giant-men who appear so rarely in world history and of whom there are so few that they become in due course of time milestones along the trail of our evolutionary struggles. Credit is due to Richard Satriano in Vitvan: An American Master to have so clearly depicted and painted a full-size picture of what a giant thought and felt and did. No one previously has quite accomplished what Vitvan did. Most teachers have been partitive: expounding this or that phase of the ancient wisdom. Vitvan attempted to present an over-all view of the Gnosis couched in current scientific and philosophical language. He makes demands on his readers. His work does not permit a cursory overview from cover to cover.

He stands relatively alone. He was a gigantic figure in a desert inhabited only be a mere handful of human Joshua trees whose arms are uplifted to the Infinite and Eternal."
has DTSearch portable folder, all, and Other Authors; & Vitvan audio mp3’s in Vitvan folder
Has Vitvan audio mp3’s

Writings of Vitvan:

The Natural Order Process: Basic Teachings of

the School of the Natural Order


The Christos

Six Days of the Creating Process

Clear Thinking

Perceptive Insight

Healing Technic

The Veil of Maya

Dawn of the New Day

A Treatise on Faith

The Eternal Quest

The New Cycle Gnosis

Self-Mastery through Meditation

The Problem of Good and Evil

Discipline in the Natural Order

Studies in Psycho-Therapy

The Tree of Life

Functional Activities