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Vaccine Secrets: Reloaded COVID Crisis (2022) - New Bonus Episodes 1 to 10

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Vaccine Secrets: Reloaded COVID Crisis (2022) - New Bonus Episodes 1 to 10

The docuseries from 2021 had a second free screening in January 2022 with 12 new bonus episodes.

Download Vaccine Secrets Reloaded (2022) Bonus Episodes 11 and 12
Download Vaccine Secrets Reloaded (2022) Q&A Sessions + Adrian Ebens Interview
Download Vaccine Secrets (2021) Docuseries


1. COVER UP: Young, Healthy & Dead from The Jab
With Dr. Peter McCullough & Dr. Bryan Ardis

2. OMICRON: Lies, More Lies, and Statistics
With Dr. Peter McCullough & Dr. Henry Ealy

3. REVEALING THE LIES: Misinformation and False Narratives
With Dr. Bryan Ardis & Dr. Henry Ealy

4. 1984: Lies Are the "New Truth"
With Dr. Rashid Buttar & Dr. Brian Hooker

5. CANCELED: Censoring the Truth & Preparing for the Future
With Dr. Joseph Mercola and Sayer Ji

6. MEDICAL TYRANNY: Hospital Cartels & CDC Cover Ups
With Dr. Jane Orient & Dr. Brian Hooker

7. WHAT REALLY WORKS: Building Natural Immunity & Using Effective Treatments
With Dr. Joseph Mercola & Dr. Jane Orient

8. TOXIC: Exposing the Fear-Based Pandemic & Detoxing Heavy Metals and Toxins
With Dr. Rashid Buttar & Eddie Stone

9. IMMUNE PRIMING: Get the Right Nutrients & Boost Your Immunity
With Dr. Jonathan Murphy & Dr. Henry Ealy

10. SPIKED: Spike Protein-Producing mRNA "Gene Vaccines" & The CDC's Deceptive Data
With Dr. Jonathan Murphy & Dr. Henry Ealy


Thank you for having the patience to grab this every day :)

Thanks for taking the time to upload

Bonus 12 has also been posted today

I've grabbed both 11 & 12 so will upload on here to complete the series.

might be last one?

Thanks for letting me know, there is a Q&A today and one on the 31st

I will grab and post them once they have all aired.

I have purchased a few of the vids Johnathan has put out in the past, so when I found this, I was so happy to get it, Thank you. :) PS money is harder to come by these days

Thanks SO much!

I use ConvertXToDVD to convert and burn a video to disc.
I keep getting the error "codec tag 'hvc1' unsupported" so I can't get it converted. I tried using other conversion software but it can't convert the videos either.
I'm using Windows 10.
Any help on what I need to do will be appreciated.
Funny thing...I got the first video converted but none thereafter...?
Nevermind, I'm trying Handbrake.

I'm no expert on this, but I had a quick search and I think the problem could be with Windows 10 not natively supporting the HEVC/h265 codec.

I ran into something similar when I was playing around with a different conversion app on windows and was able to solve it by installing the "HEVC Video Extensions" from the Microsoft Store - you could give that a try.

I still have the original h264 videos, the reason I convert them to h265 is to reduce the file size. If it's helpful I can create a torrent of the entire 2021/2022 series - original h264 files - and upload it. It will be big, but happy to do that if needed.

IT's okay. Handbrake converts them. Thanks