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US election predictions?

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US election predictions?

I'm predicting a Trump win, despite massive mail in voting fraud.


Because there is so much tension over Trump being president and the Universe being very cruel and unfair in dishing out learning lessons, I predict a Trump win - but perhaps a lot of chaos in counting mail-in ballots and there being issues there similar to the Bush/Gore election of 2000.

Trump, easily

Someone sponsoring the dems obviously wants trump to win, otherwise why would they be pushing such a weak candidate.

I reckon Bernie would have beaten trump.

whichever way it goes..

i smell a BIG shit show coming

Civil unrest

I just saw on the news that businesses around Washington DC and other areas are boarding up windows etc preparing for civil unrest after the elections.

David Wilcock had good video on the subject Nov 2nd

He gave list of the states the national Guard has been deployed to quell any social unrest, and provided a lot of useful predictions from actual intell from our "friends". ;-)

Can you smell the fraud?

Funny how suddenly the vote counting stops in all the states Trump's leading in. If they manage to turn enough Trump leads into Biden wins to get him to 270, the fraud will be obvious even to the average sheep, but the Biden side won't care. They think crime is OK if it's against Orange Man Bad and for the reanimaated corpse candidate.

Four more years

of bitching and complaining from everybody! I am looking forward to it...

Wouldn't it be nice ...

... if people woke up and finally understood that it isn't about the fake left vs right paradigm, but about the people vs the kleptocrats?

in that case, I predict the

in that case, I predict the kleptocrats will win and the People will declare Facebook fuzzy and warm. Hey, a win-win for all

Biden's Fraudulent Victory

I found a few URLs mostly on Youtube about how the Democrats engineered a fraudulent Biden victory:

Trump won. MSM hopes you don’t believe your eyes.

Election Coup? Something Suspicious Happening In Wisconsin & Michigan, Dem Votes Magically Appear!

Election Nightmare - Trump versus the Deep State
Alex Newman Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

TRUMP Campaign Officials Speak on Tight Presidential Race 11/4/20

Complete and Utter Fraud in Multiple States
Mainstream Media Complicit
Election Nightmare - Trump versus the Deep State

A Fake News Election: Why Steve Deace Believes the 2020 Election Could Result in Civil War

BlazeTV-STILL Counting? When Will We Have the Election Results?

Trump Declares VICTORY In Pennsylvania, Biden Declares TOTAL Victory, Chaos Begins

Trump Files LAWSUIT To Stop Vote Counting In Michigan, DEMANDS Recount In Wisconsin, Collins WINS

Every Single Vote MUST BE AUDITED In Rust Belt! There Must Be Election Transparency To ENSURE TRUST.

AP calls Michigan, Wisconsin for Biden, but margins of “victory” are much SMALLER than the ballot dump FRAUD that took place in the middle of the night

This may be the strangest election in history in that there is no evidence that any sizable group of people want Biden for president.

Trump Should Deploy ICE to Investigate Democrat non-citizen voters in Vegas

How Trump beats back the Biden fraud and WINS the election


It's not quite over yet. All the counting (and re-counting) will probably take days and days more...

With impending lawsuits etc, there's still time for Trump to have won. But... it really does look like Biden won at the moment. I don't believe it's from fraud, but that's just my take.

still haven't watch David Wilcock video? he called it right.

everything happening was predicted accurately,, and...
lets hope he is right about "can't stop what is coming".... isn't just a slogan, but is about to become reality.
this is just another proof, the election process is broken, and another attempt to create one more reason we need a new constitution (or new crypto-block-chain voting system, which trump apparently has already patented)

it was all a sting operation! all part of the pan. keep watching it unfold! funny stuff. really is about draining the swamp and exposing how stupid democrats are.

Welcome to the Sting operation 4 draining the swamp?

t was all a STING, the ballots were watermarked and this man appointed by Trump helped pull it off. Watch the water, watch the lawsuits and the fake ballots TOSSED. This agency was founded AFTER the 2018 Midterms -
I don't follow this garbage (elections) normally, but this is just too funny...

zerocenter wrote:
zerocenter wrote:

the ballots were watermarked

The professional vote fraudsters know this, so they use real ballots from people who won't know their ballot was counted. In order to get away with it, they'll have to know beforehand that the voter hasn't already voted. To do that they need time to access the voter database.


there's nowhere really to back up the "secret watermark" theory. only Qanon are saying it's something real. they don't have a good record though to be fair


been called for Biden....... thoughts?

it’s still eary’s

it’s still early’s not looking good for kanye west

euxconcen wrote:
euxconcen wrote:

it’s still early’s not looking good for kanye west

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! you just cracked me up!

whew! I had been thinking

whew! I had been thinking that this was a tough crowd :)


Lets now see how his impending criminal cases play out ! 2021 here we come
remember ?


Hopefully no one has recommended this video link before - I sent this to the States from Oz and learn that not many were aware of it. This shows in black and white of some of
what happened on the night -

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