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Tripped: Nazi Germany, the CIA, and the Dawn of the Psychedelic Age (2024) [audiobook]

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Tripped: Nazi Germany, the CIA, and the Dawn of the Psychedelic Age
Written by: Norman Ohler
Narrated by: Joel Richards
Length: 6 hrs and 13 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 2024-04-09
Language: English
Publisher: HarperAudio
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The author of the New York Times bestseller Blitzed returns with a provocative new history of drugs and postwar America, examining the untold story of how Nazi experiments into psychedelics covertly influenced CIA research and secretly shaped the War on Drugs.

Berlin 1945. Following the fall of the Third Reich, drug use—long kept under control by the Nazis’ strict anti-drug laws—is rampant throughout the city. Split into four sectors, Berlin's drug policies are being enforced under the individual jurisdictions of each allied power—the Soviet Union, Britain, France, and the US. In the American zone, Arthur J. Giuliani of the nascent Federal Bureau of Narcotics is tasked with learning about the Nazis’ anti-drug laws and bringing home anything that might prove “useful” to the United States.

Five years later, Harvard professor Dr. Henry Beecher began work with the US government to uncover the research behind the Nazis psychedelics program. Begun as an attempt to find a “truth serum” and experiment with mind control, the Nazi study initially involved mescaline, but quickly expanded to include LSD. Originally created for medical purposes by Swiss pharmaceutical Sandoz, the Nazis coopted the drug for their mind control military research—research that, following the war, the US was desperate to acquire. This research birthed MKUltra, the CIA's notorious brainwashing and psychological torture program during the 1950s and 1960s, and ultimately shaped US drug policy regarding psychedelics for over half a century.

Based on extensive archival research on both sides of the Atlantic, Tripped is a wild, unconventional postwar history, a spiritual sequel to Norman Ohler’s New York Times bestseller Blitzed. Revealing the close relationship and hidden connections between the Nazis and the early days of drugs in America, Ohler shares how this secret history held back therapeutic research of psychedelic drugs for decades and eventually became part of the foundation of America’s War on Drugs.


Errrmmm - I know I've not popped in here for a while** - but the mix of themes in that publication is *astonishing* to me.... the point where [my long term Canadian friend won't mind me saying such ] I think it's a fabricated cover and Bob Dodds Junior is behind the wider mind-fuck - in a cosmic humour scenario ?!

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** Ten years after this initial event - things have become far more amplified:
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Appreciate the upload...

Awesome video - contacting higher lifeforms in non-ordinary states of consciousness is still the best way to achieve a new paradigm. At least that's what Dr. Greer keeps saying! jk jk

I have certainly heard a lot about CIA mind control research, but didn't know about the early Nazi connection. As far as I can tell so far, from listening to this audiobook, it shows the early beginning to pharmaceutical drugs, which back in Nazi Germany also included a non-prescription methamphetamine, and then subsequent drug laws, which also leads more or less directly to a black market of street drugs etc. I think this set up spread to America with Operation Paperclip, and even before, and led to the mind control research, the war on drugs - and the black market of drug smuggling that the CIA and Friends have been involved with ever since (to fund their illegal clandestine military operations)! :0

Are you saying this is worth watching ?

I will take your advice.

When i first saw this - i laughed at the idea that german "nazi" era scientists or whatever knew ANYTHING about psychedelics... esp given I think Hoffman found it circa 1945....?

I'm a big fan of German civilisation - it's been as maligned as the Serbian culture has more recently - but they weren't the psychedelic era experiemental types??

Were they??

Well, this is just a 6 hour .m4b audiobook. The documentary Blitzed, on here, is a video about Germans and methamphetamines, which is quite interesting. The book, which I haven't finished yet, is about Sandoz, LSD and some of the earliest interactions in the company in regard to LSD production, and what it was being used for. I think there was a hint of a German connection as well, but I haven't heard all of that yet...