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"Trigger Warning" (**CAUTION** - Possible Mind-Control Programming Video)

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A "deep source" dropped this on me a little while back, maybe a couple of months or so.

I don't know if it's a joke or some college film project or what but what he told me
was that it was a video that mind-control officials would show to "rogue assests" who
they didn't know the specific programming of and couldn't get in touch with their
handlers. Supposedly its the "nuclear option" for this sort of character... I'm not an
expert in this but I could tell from the little of it I watched that it's loaded with
monarch programming triggers & commands and stuff.

I didn't know if I should share it or not, but I'm not sure it's even real or what
the guy said it was. He told me that they'd sit some poor bastard down and tell
them they were gonna watch a short art film and then afterwards whatever the problem
was, it would be "taken care of."

This could be highly toxic to your mental health, or it could just be a prank but
this guy has never been known to prank me. Maybe there is a video like this but this
isn't it -- disinfo or something.

I haven't watched the whole thing. If you watch it I don't think you should do it
all at once and I don't think you should show it to anyone who's a little wonky.
I thought long and hard about what kind of damage this could percievebly cause
being out there in the public, but I feel the freedom of information and the
right to know is more important.

This seemed like the only place to put it, I'm certainly not gonna upload it on
youtube or something. Check it out, see what you think -- don't be stupid.


Could someone reseed this torrent, please?
Thank you.