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Transgender Collection 9

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Thank you for following the Transgender Collections this far!

My reasons for creating these collections are twofold:

1. To help people understand Transgenderism - are people really "born in the wrong body", or is that a myth created to excuse porn-addled men who have conned kind people into entertaining their fetish?

2. To preserve blackholed content - a lot of this was hard to find, and plenty of it is being censored for telling the truth because the truth is downright embarrassing.

There's no hate here, we should be thinking in terms of setting boundaries, keeping fetishes private, and protecting vulnerable young people from being transed as a way to avoid dealing with normal problems of puberty and their gender.

This will be the last Transgender collection for a while. The spigot has slowed. It's been 2 months since the last one and that's the biggest gap between collections. I will continue to collect new stuff, and any old stuff that surfaces.

I've spent about $100 on vimeo and DVDs to build these collections. If anyone wants to archive some of the other paywalled content please PM me for suggestions. Also if anyone has access to Alexander Street or Box of Broadcasts, there are a few things on those.

Use this link to search for all the Transgender Collections on Concen


Do you have a computer that has a DVD-Drive, or were you using one of those USB/DVD-Drives to rip DVDs? I have tons of old CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, but ultimately I don't really need them at the moment. Ripping isn't really my forte either.

Although I am aware of the transgender issue, it has never really piqued my curiousity too much. But I am not a psychologist or anything, like Jordan Peterson, who may have a professional reason for the obsession!

I have a decrepit 2012 iMac with a drive, yeah. I do also have a USB somewhere.

IDK, I just went down the rabbit hole. Maybe it helped me understand my own utterly vanilla sexuality a little.

I think because of the acceleration of computer technology, that has more or less forced all of us to fall down a rabbit hole of one sort or another. On here, many people, such as myself, do the same thing with the UFO subject...

I've been down the UFO one twice... not in the last 7 years or so though. Both times I concluded there was nothing concrete and none of the testimonies corroborate each other.

That's not true with say, JFK or 9/11, where independent researchers are clearly looking at different parts of the same beast.

These days my opinion rests more on the fact that I cannot remote view aliens on Earth :)

"If you cross an onion with a UFO, what you get is a flying saucer that brings tears to your eyes.” - Terence McKenna

Meaning, the whole phenomenon is too bizarre and confusing - but it really matters what your sources were/are.

Can you please explain if this is pro or contra transgenderism?

The collection includes documentaries and content that is intended to promote transgenderism and show it in a positive light, and also content that is intended to educate, and expose transgenderism.