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ConCen are bad bad people!

They have banned ConCen's IP address from accessing their site, so I cannot use the regular method to keep torrent seeds/peers/completes nice and fresh (fresher by far than every other bittorrent site out there, but nobody seems to care or even notice).

So I took a few days out of my worthless life to come up with a solution that gets around the IP ban. Now coppersurfer (the largest outside tracker on this site and probably the world since it's ThePirateBay's default tracker) scrape data is freshened like a tankard of hot hobo piss every two hours! Woo hoo.

BTW I'm broke and need donations desperately or I won't be able to eat for the next two weeks.


I contacted them via email regarding this terrible situation, and had been waiting for a reply for a few days when I realized they're blocking my emails too!

So I bribed a guard to hand deliver my appeal for clemency to Emperor CopperSurfer himself. Will it work? Stay tuned, shmoopies ...

Another Update

So the good people at have heard the bleatings and blubberings, and decided to lift the ban!!

Apparently it was all a giant misunderstanding - ConCen's IP sits in a block with a nasty bunch of spammy cretins who shall remain nameless. So my work of the last few days has been for naught - except the skills I have been honing to razor sharpness. This will be good for ConCen. Very good.

Yet another update!

I received a touching email from someone at, containing the following:

In the dirty world of bittorrent sites is a very clear and shiny gem.

Getting such a quotable endorsement from a beacon as bright as makes me all squishy. Oh dear me, I think I'm about to cry...

Thanks to the venerable, and thanks again for the donations, shmoopies.

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