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nibs down? doesn't seem to be providing links to torrent files or even magnet links any more. If it stays this way, finding torrents just got way harder.

Anyone know of another meta-search engine for torrents?

Anyone? Am I talking in a vacuum?

Is running (and paying for) this site a total fucking waste of my time? Because it sure as shit feels like it when I don't even get a single reply to a pretty important question.

If you don't think is an important enough site to bother with, have a look at this:

ConCen gets 30,000 unique visitors a month, but out of that massive quantity of people, not a single one bothered to lift a finger and reply. This situation is going to change in the new year or is shutting down for good. I'm fed up with dedicating my free time to a bunch of ungrateful assholes.

Eric Blair
Merry Christmas

Nobody is ignoring you. It's the holidays, dude. Everybody is busy as hell with family stuff, travel, parties etc.
Take a chill pill and enjoy Christmas.

All the best to you and yours

Thanks for all your hard work in 2017. We appreciate it.

The problem is way bigger than Christmas

I know it's Christmas, and I don't need to take a chill pill. This is a chronic problem outside the seasons.

As I said, changes will occur or ConCen will be no more, starting with fees paid by someone other than me.

There are no more torrent searches

Pm me I have a backup of complete magnet archive of most public trackers. Don't use clearnet as most sites are honeypots

sorry bud..

been busy as a dyke in a hardware store!
it's 01:55 here and i just finished a CCTV install and then tomorrow am heading through to spend xmas with family.. then back to have time with my kids... and so on...
kids... expensive to run....little shits !
rarely used that site but in the past and knew it went tits up a year or so ago but that was .. i didn't even know it was resurrected!

Don't have bitcoin but . . .

Your site has been an absolute godsend. I wish to contribute, but I have no bitcoin (or can afford to). I do have PayPal and a Visa card, or I will send a check snailmail....but where?
Please advise.
I hope you feel better for the holidays and I am sorry you are so angry. I guess our FELT gratitude needs more concrete expression. Thank you.

I sent you

a personal message.

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