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Torrent Stats - An Explanation

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Torrent Stats - An Explanation

The Torrent Stats block to the upper left of the page has some numbers. This is what they mean:

Stat Meaning
Torrents Total number of torrents on the site.
Seeded The number of torrents which are seeded.
Orphaned The number of torrents which have peers, but no seeds.
Completed The total of completions for locally tracked torrents.*

* This number does not include the completions that happened before this info was collected (~ 2 years ago). ConCen keeps track of completions even after the local tracker resets them to zero when it restarts. It does not include completions by external trackers since their stats are usually periodically zeroed without warning, making it impossible to keep a cumulative count.

The default setting is to track all torrents locally, even when they are initially uploaded without a announce. ConCen has earned the right to track all torrents on the site because it has become one of the longest running trackers.