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Part3 of leaked content from private torrent tracker.

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Rename file: Alex Grey on Ayahuasca to Alex Grey on Ayahuasca.mp4.

I'd love to see Alex Grey on ayahuasca!

Many thanks for your epic upload. I am not sure if there is enough room for this on my seedbox, but I'll definitely try it out!

occult-archangel has contacted me about it. We're working on a solution that minimizes wasted downloading...

Indeed, there seemed to happen some CRC while unpacking the .rar archive files.

There seems to be something different happened, working on the fix.

Prepare for the next upload today: (133GB)

Lets get ready to rumblleeeee and get the admins from pissed off of the leaks ;)

I was already contacted by one, he wanted to trick me and make friends with me in WickfMe, but was exposed.

Who wants to see more hand up again..

More from TheOccult I was banned twice. Can we have Yoga and Magic? And Gurdjieff Stuff ?
Thank you

Guys 2 seeders here only now, I am not uploading it for the reason so it gets no seeders some day.
The leak is not made for that.