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David Hamilton

Anyone still have invites for I can provide screenshots of my ratio on other trackers. I'm a power user on PTP and What. I have two seedboxes. Will become an uploader, I have access to an overdrive library.

what is an overdrive library?

what is an overdrive library?

Overdrive is a system for

Overdrive is a system for libraries to "loan" ebooks without violating copyright distribution laws.

i dunno about you but

i went on some russian website to buy an invite without hassling with them
but it was another website for xbox
although i reckon this could work with these kinds of websites as well
i found the tracker nameserver "" hilarious, someone with alotta money
ought to buy "" for satirical purposes


I am also open to an invite, if anybody has one:


i was a member years ago forgot my pass and was neophyte status as i didnt no seeding well....and lost my i would also love an invite

If they're on offer I would love some invites...

But I don't have a seedbox and don't think I can fulfill the terms and conditions of these private trackers...good upload policy and torrent health maintenance, for's been an issue sometimes. But, strictly speaking, I'm interested in what kind of invites people can provide...there were a lot of *.bz trackers, I got on some of them, I think, but ended up downloading a lotta stuff and just not using any of them, the people are bored and lazy. What I do is download most of my torrents from a russian site,, i.e. TV-shows, films, whatever. They've got a russian primary audio channel usually, but players handle that well and there's a lot more material there, good seeding policy etc...Some rare stuff out there, even in english, just have to watch out for them being original, i.e. containing english or perhaps reading the descriptions and installation instructions for software and comments with Google translate, thats about it. When I bought the tracker invite for the xbox website (ROM images for the 360), I googled it somewhere, paypal and good to go, easier this way. Thing is, if you're looking for something, there's so many problematic sites and scammers out there, a good thing to do these days is combining your search with "+reddit" on google for tactical recon for scam avoidance purposes, or reading up on anything, really, whether to buy an invite or just ask someone for it, or simply look into it and whether the site is right for you. A torrent tracker private invite is a long-term commitment. There's conflicting or competing views on reddit and elsewhere, but at least you can choose from them to make a good point of evaluation. There was one from the UK, that I liked, but haven't been on there for long, it was big and had a strict ratio policy, but you could also donate and wipe out your bad upload credit...all things considered, rather acceptable. Ran out of mailbox space, too :/

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