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Synanon Doc ?? Links to L Ron Hubbard and NA/AA etc

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Synanon Doc ?? Links to L Ron Hubbard and NA/AA etc

- This I'm into seeing as it's hardly heard of compared to most "cults"

Also - given that Alcoholics Anon and narcotics Anon were formed from I think a fair bit on L Ron Hubbard's material - I wonder how much SYNANON can be linked to AA/NA and/or the TWELVE STEP belief system...?!



Stand by.

Woo - have you found it in

Woo - have you found it in record 23 min timespan??

Before I posted it wasn't on TPB or any streaming sites I could find....

The more i read about SYNANON the more I'm astonished both myself and the whirrled doesn't know vast amounts about it - given we're meant to be in the era of hyper communications and effortless theft or as us psychedelic-quantum-junkStar-Anarchos say: "liberation" of ppls' hard media work...
- Heheh :-p


it was on IPT.

Thanks to Concen for helping

Thanks to Concen[?] or any other with admin rights for helping my bad markup attempts to display images etc...

PS - just seen episode #1 - I think it's a GREAT docu series so far - i rarely say such things these days.

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