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Surviving Amber Heard (2023) Episodes 1 & 2

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"This 2-part docu-series takes us inside the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard tumultuous marriage. It examines the events, evidence and the characters that surrounded that relationship."

Not taking a side personally, instead I see this as a fascinating exercise in propaganda.

No doubt, Johnny or his sponsors have paid for a massive social media PR campaign to slur Amber. Whether or not they are right is another matter.

There's this on Amazon by the same bloke (paid)

Also on TUBI (easy to rip from FYI)

There are apparently 4 episodes total but cannot find...


I dont see it as propaganda. Nor is it fascinating. The only point of relevance here is that looking good and having money does not grantee happiness when you are an egocentric person with the mind of a child. - applies to both of them.