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Solution: call for Racial Preservation, Independence, Rights and Good Will

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Solution: call for Racial Preservation, Independence, Rights and Good Will

Love always wins! Love Overcomes All! Love is the only thing that fulfills ALL law!
Time to oppose all genocidal nihilistic death-cultists of hatred with the ONLY loving alternative:
introducing an International Treaty for
preservation of all cultures and ethnic diversity thru:
"Charter of Racial Rights" by Richard McCulloch

1. All races have a right to be unique and different, to be themselves, and to love, value and be proud of what they are.
2. All races have a right to have their existence and identity recognized, respected and protected, to define, affirm and celebrate their existence and identity, and to promote their legitimate rights and interests.
3. All races have a right to racial life, a right to live, a right to exist as what they are and preserve what they are, a right to exist as a separate form of life, and a right to the conditions they require for continued life, existence and evolution.
4. All races have a right to independence and peaceful self-determination, to racial freedom and liberty, to separate development, to exclusive control of their own life and existence, their own future and destiny, free from domination, control or interference by other races.
5. All races have a right to their own living space or territory, to possession of their own racial homeland, to exist within secure borders, to have and hold their own country, separate from and exclusive of other races, as a condition required for both their continued life and independence.
6. All races have a right to self-government, to their own sovereign and fully independent government to govern their own country, their own life and existence, and determine their own future.
7. All races have a right to the affections and loyalties, love and care of their members, and this right takes precedence over any ideology -- or system of beliefs and values -- that would promote disaffection or alienation of loyalties, or censure racial love and caring.
8. All races have a right to exclusive control over the creation, upbringing, development and education of their own children, to control over their own reproduction -- the renewal of their racial life, the transmission of their genes and culture to successor generations -- free of interference by other races.
9. All races have a right to racial integrity, to exclusivity, reproductive isolation and geographic separation, to be free, safe and secure from the racially destructive effects of racial intermixture and replacement.
10. All races have a right to the material product of their own creation, and to use that product for their own benefit, free of any claim upon it by other races.

The recognition and defense of the racial rights listed above requires support for certain other related ethical beliefs, values, policies and positions, and the practice of certain ethical principles, which include the following:

1. Support for the ethical belief or principle that no race should be a slave or servant to another, that all races are an end in themselves and not a means to the ends of others, that they should serve and benefit their own ends and not the ends of others, and that no race should interfere with or unduly influence the affairs or development of another.

2. Opposition to any and all doctrines or forms of racial supremacy, dominance or mastery, whereby one race is supreme, dominant or master over another, and rules over, governs, dominates or controls another, whether in whole or in part, totally or partially, overtly or covertly, by force or by guile.

3. Support for the moral principle of reciprocity as the basis of racial relations, recognizing the same rights for all races (the racial "Golden Rule").

4. Opposition to all forms of invasion, migration or movement, whether forceful or peaceful, by members of one race into the established and recognized living space, territory, country or homeland of another.

5. Opposition to and rejection of all claims made for transfer of wealth from one race to another, or claims for material support made by one race on another, either as reparations for alleged past wrongs or for any other reason.

6. Rejection of the concept of "collective guilt," which holds all members of a racial, religious, national or ethnic group responsible and guilty for the wrongs committed by some members of the group, and thus both responsible for reparations and subject to punishment.

7. Opposition to any and all forms of genocide or racial destruction or diminishment, whether with or without the consent or cooperation of its victims, whether inflicted by other races, self-inflicted, or a combination of both, including the following:

a. Any action, policy, value system or condition which prevents, obstructs, restricts or discourages the successful reproduction of a race.
b. Any action, policy, value system or condition which denies a race the conditions it needs for its continued life or well-being, especially the condition of multiracialism which denies a race the condition of racial isolation it needs for its successful reproduction free from the racially destructive effects of racial intermixture.
c. Any action, policy or process of racial dispossession, displacement or replacement whereby members of one race move, or are moved, into the established, clearly defined and recognized living space, territory or homeland of another race and dispossess, displace or replace it.
d. Any action, policy, process or condition which is the result of human action and has the effect of lessening or diminishing the existence of a race, or altering, distorting or diluting its racial traits and characteristics, in the short term or the long term, in the existing generation or in the course of the generations to come.
e. Any action, policy, process, value system or condition which promotes, encourages or has the effect of increasing the racially destructive practice of racial intermixture.
f. Any action, policy, process, value system or condition which has the effect of taking persons away from their race, in mind or in body, physically or in alienation of affections or loyalties, and transferring them, or their affections and loyalties, to another race.
g. Any action, policy, process, value system or condition which opposes, resists or discourages racial preservation, or the continuation or renewal of racial life.
h. Any use of allegations of past wrongs to deny a race its present or future vital rights and interests, the conditions it needs to live and preserve its existence, especially its own exclusive territory and its separation and independence from other races.

From: The Racial Compact
A call for Racial Preservation, Racial Independence, Racial Rights and Racial Good Will

Essays on a new concept of racial relations that promotes the continued existence, independence and legitimate rights and interests of all races, providing a preservationist alternative to the racially destructive consequences of multiracialism.

1. Racial Diversity -- Defines racial diversity, the conditions that created it and the conditions that are required for its continuation. Revised July, 2007

2. Racial Rights -- Discusses the distinction between factual beliefs and ethical beliefs, and introduces The Racial Compact , an agreement to adopt and practice a concept of racial relations based on the principles of racial rights and preservation, promoting both the coexistence and continued existence of all the different races of humanity

3. The Charter of Racial Rights -- An enumeration and description of racial rights and discussion of related principles and ethical beliefs

4. Racial Nihilism -- Describes the currently dominant concept of racial relations that opposes racial preservation and promotes the destruction and annihilation, or reduction to nothing, of racial differences and different races

5. Right and Wrong Racism -- Discusses the varieties of racism, the different forms, motives and definitions, and draws a distinction between the moral and immoral forms

6. The Races of Humanity -- A discussion of human evolution, taxonomic categories, and outline of human racial classification. Revised August, 2019

7. The Nordish Race -- Defines the Northern European racial group, with a taxonomic outline of the different Nordish racial types, and describes the racial composition of the indigenous populations of the countries of Europe. Revised February, 2010

8. The Nordish Crisis -- A discussion of the racial problem that has become a racial crisis for the Northern European racial group, subjecting it to a process of racial dispossession and destruction. Revised February, 2010

9. Racial Population Projections -- A demographic table of the racial population of the United States from 1880 to 1992, and a table projecting the racial population to 2050, with explanatory text that describes the dynamics of racial population change

10. The Path of Destruction -- A discussion of the racially destructive effects of multiracialism on the Nordish race by dispossession, replacement and intermixture, and of the central role of racial nihilism in the promotion of this harmful process. Revised November, 2006

11. The Right to Racial Life -- Describes the ideology of racial preservationism and its conflict with racial nihilism

12. The Racial Golden Rule -- Applies the principle of "live and let live" to advance racial relations to a higher moral level in which the races of humanity can coexist and share the earth together in a spirit of mutual good will

13. Racial Average is Racial Destiny -- Presents and discusses a scale which quantifies the effects of intermixture between the Nordish race and other races, and thus the relative assimilability of other races by the Nordish race

14. Whom the Gods Would Destroy -- Describes racial nihilism and its destructive consequences in the classic and allegorical terms of madness

15. Racial Tender Loving Care -- A discussion of racial stewardship, the ethics of reproduction, and the role of love in the nurturing of a race

16. Separation: The Preservationist Imperative -- A discussion of the conditions of racial separation and reproductive isolation that are required for Nordish racial preservation

17. Many Mansions -- A vision of the future of humanity as "a house with many mansions," in which racial preservation and independence would be protected and promoted, making the world safe for human racial diversity

18. The Preservationist Alternative -- The racial preservationist solution to the race problem, the choice of racial life over racial death

19. Racial Partition for Racial Preservation -- Outlines a proposal for a racial partition of the United States for the purpose of racial preservation and independence, illustrated with a color map. Revised March, 2010.

20. Race: Reality and Denial -- Presents and explains the evidence for the reality of race and refutes the arguments by the proponents of multiracialism that race is not biologically real, but is merely a social or political construct. Added November, 2004. Revised April, 2007.

21. The Tragedy of the Nordish Peoples -- An overview of the existential crisis overtaking the Nordish peoples, discussing and analyzing the causes and the future consequences of current trends, and the prospects for an alternative course that would preserve Nordish racial existence. Added June, 2007.