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Secrets of the Dead: Blood on the Altar (2000)

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Did ancient Phoenicians, a powerful Mediterranean nation of seafaring traders also known as the Canaanites in the Bible, really sacrifice their children in rituals involving human sacrifice, or was this claim just a fabrication?

They invented the alphabet and modern navigation and introduced wine to Europe.

But after the sacking of Carthage by the Romans in 146 BC and the destruction of their famous library, the world was left with very little evidence of Phoenician life and culture.

The Greeks and Romans describe them as a race of unscrupulous profiteers, grubby merchants – and worse.

They were seen as a morally corrupt race who forcibly prostituted their daughters in sacred rituals and killed their own young in an attempt to win over their violent gods.

But were they truly evil or victims of a vicious propaganda campaign?

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sure this library is somewhere hidden, I would like to see, what is really in Vatican vaults and Rothschild's vaults....except fucking gold