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Russian site PWNS 73,000 IP cams worldwide

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Russian site PWNS 73,000 IP cams worldwide

a russian website called has been hitting the news as it lists 73,000 webcams and streams them on it's site.
not really a hacking job to be honest.
a case of cluesless bellends not changing the default passie.
they have basically scanned the interwebs , no doubt with a script that tries the defaul;t passie and username for the devices
Most of the devices are by FOSCAM followed by llinksys and panasonic.
the news has spread and the site is suffering from a slashdot type effect from every bugger with a clue who, like me noticed that even thought many sites don't list the websites name, the dumbasses forgot to edit the stills grabbed from the website which has "insecam" in the bottom left hand corner....
i did find the article from the guy who brought it to the worlds attention though

Yesterday I stumbled onto a site indexing 73,011 locations with unsecured security cameras in 256 countries …unsecured as in “secured” with default usernames and passwords. The site, with an IP address from Russia, is further broken down into insecure security cameras by the manufacturers Foscam, Linksys, Panasonic, some listed only as “IP cameras,” as well as AvTech and Hikvision DVRs. 11,046 of the links were to U.S. locations, more than any other country; one link could have up to 8 or 16 channels, meaning that’s how many different security camera views were displayed on one page.
Digital windows into private lives via unsecured security cam insecam

Truthfully, I was torn about linking to the site, which claims to be “designed in order to show the importance of security settings;” the purpose of the site is supposedly to show how not changing the default password means that the security surveillance system is “available for all Internet users” to view. Change the defaults to secure the camera to make it private and it disappears from the index. According to FAQs, people who choose not to secure their cameras can write the site administrator and ask for the URL to be removed. But that requires knowing the site exists.

There are 40,746 pages of unsecured cameras just in the first 10 country listings: 11,046 in the U.S.; 6,536 in South Korea; 4,770 in China; 3,359 in Mexico; 3,285 in France; 2,870 in Italy; 2,422 in the U.K.; 2,268 in the Netherlands; 2,220 in Colombia; and 1,970 in India. Like the site said, you can see into “bedrooms of all countries of the world.” There are 256 countries listed plus one directory not sorted into country categories.



classic bud :P

Works well with routers

Works well with routers/switches as well..... 29 line script. Then you can use the said router as a proxy ;) Not that "I" would ever try that!

Thanx for the fun!



the page has now become an listing of publicly listen IP cams... it had this on the front page
" Welcome to Insecam project. A site of online insecure cameras. The purpose of the site is to show the importance of settings and changing the security settings on internet cameras.

The following changes were made to Insecam for the protection of individual privacy:
- All automatically collected cameras are removed from the site and only filtered cameras are available now. This way none of the cameras on Insecam invade anybody's private life.
- Insecam has also removed all cameras that still use default password settings. Only public cameras without password protection at all are available on Insecam.
- Any camera will be removed immediately upon e-mail complaint. Please provide a direct link to help facilitate the prompt removal of the camera.
- If you do not want to contact us by e-mail, you can still remove your camera from Insecam, the only thing you need to do is to set the password of your camera.

The coordinates of the cameras are approximate. They point to the ISP (IP) address and not the physical address of the camera. This information is accurate only to a few hundred miles. The coordinates are provided only to locate the city where the camera is located, but not it's exact position or address.

We hope that you will see the importance of taking steps to activate your camera's password.

Thank you for visiting.
Insecam administrator. "

A lot of ip camera are being

A lot of ip camera are being installed everywhere for security purposes. But some looks really strange for they are to discreet to notice and not knowing the main purpose of it.

cameras have...

many purposes.
In the street.. obviously crime.
they also serve a psychological purpose in that people are less inclined to commit crimes where cameras are and kinda fear them...
Also it has a intelligence gathering capability for govt's.
now the fact some are getting "discreet".. self evident answer is self evident ;) as is the reason they are going up... however.... try london if you REALLY want to shine on camera.. it's the most camera ridden city city in the world!

the figure of how many CCTV cameras there are in London stands at around one camera for every 14 people, adding up to a total of about 422,000

Also we have the spy cameras.. the use of which is so obvious.... no point in spelling that out for you.
however.. the ones on that site aren't very good and you better believe that the govt has a few generations above and beyond those toys.

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