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REQ. The Michael Prophecies

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REQ. The Michael Prophecies

"Your definitive proof of our Conscious Universe and the keys to your ascension." Seven digital books of The Michael Prophecies by David Wilcock & Accompanying videos if possible.

I used to like David Wilcock

I used to like David Wilcock a fair amount from his work on 'The Source Field Investigations', which was pretty interesting. But a lot of what he does seems to be prophesy stuff, like dangling a carrot in front of his audience and always proclaiming "something big" is right around the corner. I think he does a lot of that as part of how he makes money, to be totally honest.

That said, I don't think I could personally rip these - they aren't available anywhere else yet...

I agree he did some

I agree he did some interesting merging of knowledge and future science material in the early days...

But did anyone hear about his regular references at events to his penis??

Might sound strange but he developed quite a reputation for being obsessed with referencing his willy to ppl in person and in presentations :-o :-p ?!

Not that this is a huge crime [perhaps with him it's actually a very tiny crime :-/ ?? !] - given the fuckwits who do far weirder and more damaging shit to our whirrled/consciousness etc...

I have all the best conspiracy gossip.... next it's Richard Dolan's bit on the UFO side that caused a divorce... tune in next time.


I felt there was always something weird about David Willy-cock, but this made me laugh out loud!



...But it's actually a situation based in long term observations by ppl in the scene around D.W. - There's apparently one talk which was from a formal event where he weirdly spends the last few minutes of his talk on:
"Quantum Egyptian Mega Organic Sonar-Dayglo Awareness Ability"
- - referencing how his 'penis has been a best friend* - all his life?! :-o

God bless the alt knowledge gurus of the 21st C

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