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Req: Lady Ballers - Daily Wire movie (but obvs, don't post it here)

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Req: Lady Ballers - Daily Wire movie (but obvs, don't post it here)

Could everyone please keep an eye out for this:

looks hilarious.

According to sportswomen who have been forced to compete against cross-dressing men, as well as being funny it also accurately portrays the feelings they went through.

But since it's fiction, don't post it here as a torrent.

also on a completely unrelated note, check out this awesome site for sending large files:

it might be out

I forget who here was ripping from DW+


Not sure if this has made the rounds yet - I think it's just about to, as its on the private trackers...



I think this copy was already uploaded to a series of different trackers, and my TPB upload just connected to that seed swarm. It's kicking out 80mbps to a ton of people... unless that many people happen to just be looking for this. Talk about going viral! I might just watch it to see what's up LOL


It's everywhere now, cheers.

720p LAMA on IPT/TL.

It's really bad.

I was assuming it would be bad.
But it's worse.

Yeah, I tried watching it and

Yeah, I tried watching it and saw the beginning part, and then skipped through a ways in and realized it was just bad. I guess it's just the acting/directing, the story might be good, but I didn't get that far!

I mean

I like having something on while channelling blueprints for future society from extra-terrestrials. It grounds me and stops my ADHD from kicking in.

I will def finish it.

But yeah it's that awkward low-budget amateurish production values. Can't quite put my finger on it. Both acting and direction I think.

Ben Shapiro

shows up at 56 min 30s. hilarious.

it does a good job

It was meant to portray the absurdity of men in women's sports, and the potential harm it can cause women. It does that very well.

Also the little girl is super. She steals the show at 1h16m20s.


it gets better towards the end.

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