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REQ: Idea of Usury- From Tribal Brotherhood to Universal Otherhood

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REQ: Idea of Usury- From Tribal Brotherhood to Universal Otherhood

Book is currently available to "borrow" (hourly) on

Does anyone have a method of d/ling the PDF from's "borrow" only section?
...was able to copy a few individual JPGs of the 344+ pages after borrowing the book using the Developer Tools in Firefox, but couldn't locate the whole PDF. Anyone got a method of extracting all the jpgs, automatically, without having to do it individually flipping thru each page one at a time manually? Its an easy thing to re-combine individual JPGs into a single PDF.

Short review:

Commentary about the book: "Under this suggestive title, we are offered a penetrating work in the history of ideas. Before we are half through with this account of the adventures in the Western world of the prohibition in Deuteronomy against the taking of usury by Jew from Jew, but not from a non-Jew, we cannot fail to realize that what is probably the longest debate of world literature revolved not so much around the mere idea of usury as about the relation of Jew and Gentile. To the thoughtful reader of Mr. Nelson’s study, the usury dispute appears less ah aspect of economic history (to which the author in scholarly self-denial confines it) than a symptom of a hidden weakness of Western civilization: the relation of the Old to the New Testament. It was only in the Jewish-Christian tradition that the question of usury achieved a moral-theological dignity. Why this should have been so, emerges very clearly when Mr. Nelson’s data are considered in a wider framework."


Here you go

In the future:

1. Log in to archive account
2. Install Adobe Digital Editions
3. Borrow book from archive and download .acsm link
4. Open the book in Editions
5. Install older version of Calibre, 4x and DeDRM plugin which match that version
6. Import book in Calibre and it will be decrypted


appreciate the how-to as well.

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