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Psyop Third World fake kidnapping

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March 13, 2015 BELGRADE – Three kidnappers who had taken Masa Prenkovic (2) were part of a criminal clan engaged in human trafficking in France, “Blic” reported.

Kristel Emelin Eje (26), her mother Alexia Sandrin Goren Bransu (50) and stepfather Sebastian Bransu (46) came to Serbia on March 12 to kidnap a child who will later be given to an organized group, a source close to the investigation told the daily.

“The investigation progresses thanks to the cooperation of the French and Serbian police and international help. The kidnappers wanted to sell the child and that was arranged with a criminal clan dealing with human trafficking. It has not yet been determined whether they received a task to kidnap the child which they were only supposed to carry out, or they arranged to kidnap the child, and later sell it to the group. In both cases, Serbian and French police have determined that their alibi with DNA analysis was a prepared lie,” said the source.

As suspected, the kidnappers came to Serbia with prepared alibi and documents for the child they planned to abduct.

“In Romania, where they resided before Serbia, they could not carry out the kidnapping because the children were not similar to a child whose documents they had. That they randomly chose a child they will abduct witness videos recorded by security cameras in Belgrade, showing them roaming Belgrade and stopping at many places. As soon as they saw a child that resembles the one whose photo was in the passport they had, they carried out the kidnapping,” said the source for “Blic”.

Minister of Police confirmed at a press conference that the kidnapping of the girl was part of an organized human trafficking.

1. Not a single newspaper or TV mentioned this event in France.
2. All the local movie-makers were at the right place at the right time, including the officials.
3. Kid don't react, no tears, no emotion when saw dad.

Matrix is stronger than ever, the pattern is the same even in Third World countries. Beware the media and false flag operations.