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Please seed this documentary

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Please seed this documentary

It has over 6,000 views on Rumble. Q Anons spoke about it on Q Research. Joe M Storm Is Upon Us supported this documentary.

You have your proof with even just the one link above. It is important. The Deep State has been trying to stop this from being mailed to Tulsi Gabbard. Mailings with this documentary are being fettered with.

LegitTorrents has been shut down so I can't share this documentary on there and ask them to seed it.

Your website is all that is left. Other torrent sites want me to file some stupid application explaining what I plan to upload and may never get approved by the moderators there, even though no laws are broken with this documentary. They will never allow this documentary. The torrent sites are mostly controlled now. It ain't like the days of eDonkey, Kazza, and Limewire. BitTorrent has become so controlled now, it is difficult to get this documentary to millions of BitTorrent users.

Please seed this, get as many to download this on BitTorrent.

tell us more about the documentary

maybe someone here could re-torrent to TPB

I'm watching here:

zoopenhoff wrote:
zoopenhoff wrote:

maybe someone here could re-torrent to TPB
I'm watching here:

you sure that anthrax wasn't blamed on the SNLA(Scottish National liberation Army) which was run by an ex-British army officer called Adam Busby.
he went to Gruinard Island and to the beaches opposite to "harvest" anthrax. why there? the British War Office tested weaponised anthrax (strain Vollum 14578)there from 1942. peopel were banned rom going there and i think still are.
It is WIDELY accepted in informed circles such as some of the more militant Scottish nationalist groups such as Siol Nan Gaidheal that busby was being run by MI5 as his shit always happened bin the run up to electrions or when handy for the Westminster govt. so it's entirely feasible that they colaborated with some American three letter agencies.
while i have never met the cunt himself I do know many that did. and ANYONE that went along with his plans are in jail. No exceptions.
He's a dirty, filthy cunty traiter.


Oh yeah, it could very well be. The problem with evil psychopaths is that they tend to find ways of uniting and collaborating with each other and forming criminal organizations and secret societies! :0

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