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*** Please donate! ***

I hate having to ask in these tough times, but I'm desperate. Debts owed to me aren't being paid because of how tough it is right now. If it gets any worse I'll run out of food by the end of this week. If you like this site and want to see it continue, please donate.

Thanks in advance!


I just donated - I hope that helps!

Thanks again Corsair! You're the top donor by far, and I really appreciate that.

couldn't reach you for a bit and wondered what happened, then saw your plea. Glad to help! and keep up the good work! - Donald Bourdage, Vienna, Austria

I appreciate your continuing donations!

Just donated a meager $30, but hope it helps. Thanks for continuing doing such a wonderful job !

Donors are the reason this site still exists.

huzzah! just keep us informed on the situation so we know if we need to pitch in some more. the costs of running this site and tracker shouldn't all fall on one person.

thanks again

Thanks to you guys coming through even in these tough times, I can eat again. In fact, I can eat a lot. In fact I can eat cat food again!!