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Pesticides: l'hypocrisie européenne AKA Pesticides: European Hypocrisy (2022)

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Brazil can be considered the world champion of agrotoxics. With 3,669 authorized pesticides, the South American giant is the Eldorado of multinationals. As a result of this impunity granted to industrialists, the population is widely contaminated by cocktails of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides, acting on health like time bombs. In children, malformations and growth problems are on the increase, while the drinking water in half of Europe's cities is considered undrinkable. But it is precisely Europe that is proving to be the great beneficiary, cynically and unscrupulously, of this deregulation: nearly 80,000 tonnes of pesticides, now banned, are sold to Brazil every year by chemical companies.

Directors: Stenka Quillet
Writers: Nicolas Glimois, Stenka Quillet, Anne Vigna
Producers: Jean-Yves Huchet
Runtime: 1h 22mn
Country: France
Language: French