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Penny Kelly - Spiritual Emergency in US, & Robes-Book of Coming Changes

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Penny Kelly - Spiritual Emergency in US, & Robes-Book of Coming Changes

Got interested in Penny's work after listening to a recent Interview with Penny Kelly:

REQUEST: Spiritual Emergency in the U.S.- eBook on the need to recognize what is occurring in the U.S. as we face the challenges of spiritual emergency and the need to transform ourselves and our world.
PLUS: Consciousness & Energies series (four volumes)

Found one book by Penny Kelly (download) -
Robes-book of coming changes.pdf -- Penny Kelly
Robes - A Book of Coming Changes is a book of global dimensions offering a compelling look at the changes coming at us now and over the next decades. In 1980, a group of little monk-like men in brown robes began to visit Penny Kelly, always asking her to "look at some pictures." Over the next year and a half, the little men visited her regularly, each time showing her pictures of the future and emphasizing that humans needed to take responsibility for the world they were creating. This is the story of what she was shown, and an amazing commentary on the ongoing evolution of the human being.
By turns startling, comforting, enlightening, and unnerving, Robes takes a deep look at the coming break-up of nations, our evolution past democracy, the temporary rise of business to power, and some of the reasons for all of this. It goes on to examine our institutions, technology, how we raise children, our sexuality, ideas about healing, the family, and culture as well as the emerging human potential embedded in the body/mind system. This is a book for everyone interested in what is happening in our world today, why it is happening, and how to begin building the new world. Notably, it brings hope, new ideas, a sense of direction, and common sense back to the world of the Everyday.

Penny is the mother of four children and has written nine books:

The Evolving Human
The Elves of Lily Hill Farm
Robes: A Book of Coming Changes (download link above)
Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 1 – Multi-dimensionality
Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 2 – New Worlds of Energy
Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 3 – Religion, Sex, Power, and the Fall of Consciousness
Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 4 - Trump, The Sting, The Catastrophe Cycle, and Consciousness
Getting Well Again Naturally – From The Soil to The Stomach
Child of the Brown Earth - poems to connect consciousness to Mother Nature