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PBS American Experience - The Rockefellers (2000) 2of2

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They feared the temptations of wealth, yet their estate was once described as the kind of place God would have built–if only he had the money. They amassed a fortune that outraged a democratic nation, then gave much of it away. They were the closest thing this country had to a royal family, but they shunned the public eye, retreating behind the walls of their palatial homes.
With unprecedented access to the Rockefeller family and their archives, THE ROCKEFELLERS explores the paradoxical lives of this fabled dynasty. Using revealing home movies, archival footage and photographs, and interviews with eight Rockefellers, their colleagues and friends, the film paints a vivid portrait of four generations of the family. It charts the rise of John D., who built an oil monopoly by ruthlessly crushing competitors. It describes how his son John Jr. drove himself to physical exhaustion in an effort to redeem the family name. It uncovers the power wielded by John Jr.'s sons and explores the alienation of fourth generation that wanted little to do with a fortune they saw as tainted.
In a society that has more billionaires than ever, the Rockefeller story is both cautionary and exemplary.